Surgical Error

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Surgical Error

A surgical error is when a mistake made during surgery causes physical or psychological injury to the patient. Surgeries of any kind require a lot of care from the medical professionals. Even a small mistake can have serious and long-term repercussions on the patient’s life.

There are always risks involved in any surgery. But it is important to know whether the injury caused to you during your surgery was avoidable or not.

Making a medical negligence claim

A medical negligence claim can be made where the mistakes made during a surgery was avoidable and caused harm to the patient.

Surgical errors can lead to an unexpected outcome after the procedure. It can also increase the time needed to recover after surgery. Medical claims involving neglect during surgeries are complicated. Our dedicated medical negligence solicitors can assist you with the complexities and procure the compensation that you deserve.

Our team is experienced in handling cases of all kinds of surgeries. Some of the common surgical error claims are about:

  • Complications or injuries caused by anesthesia
  • Cosmetic surgeries
  • Heart surgeries
  • Eye surgery
  • Surgery of the stomach, bowel, intestines or other organs
  • Removal of the wrong body part
  • Hip replacement surgery
  • Inadvertently retaining a surgical instrument in the body of the patient

Such errors can lead to increase in the pain and suffering for the patient. It can even affect the patient life-long and sometimes prove fatal in extreme cases.

We are here to help

A patient trusts the surgeon to help him recover, so an error during the procedure can cause a lot of stress. We approach each medical negligence case sensitively and understand the trauma caused to you and your family in this difficult time. Our team is dedicated to assisting our clients throughout the process. We have an edge over the other competitors because of our years of experience and the personal attention our clinical negligence solicitors give to each case.

We take on all the claims for medical negligence compensation on a No Win No Fee* agreement.

If you or your loved suffered a surgical injury, get in touch with our medical negligence solicitors for free guidance on your case.

*No Win No Fee: Other costs could be payable

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