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Who are we

When undergoing a medical treatment, we put our faith in the health professionals to get the best outcome. But when the medical professionals such as doctors, nurses or surgeons are careless while administering the treatment, it can have long-term impact on the patient’s life.

We are a group of medical negligence solicitors who are here to assist patients and their families who have been victims of such negligence.

The implications of a below standard medical treatment can be quite serious and have a long-term impact. That is why our team strives to secure the maximum compensation for victims of any kinds of medical negligence and support them through the difficult time.

There are many different kinds of medical negligence cases. These include cases of:

  • Hospital Negligence – Claims regarding misdiagnosis, delay in diagnosis, accident and emergency treatment and other negligent treatment provided by the hospital.
  • Pregnancy and Child Birth Injuries – Clinical negligence claims regarding birth injuries to the child or mother due to negligent care, which can have lifelong implications for both.
  • Surgical mistakes – Claims regarding errors made during a medical surgery, which lead to personal injury with long-term repercussions.
  • Dental Negligence – Claims related to dental treatments which were below par and caused damage to the patient.

    Our specialist attorneys have been helping clients for years on all kinds of medical negligence. We provide full support to our clients - right from collecting their medical records to filing for their medical negligence compensation claim.

We understand the stress and trauma that the situation has caused you and your family. We approach each case sensitively and are here to listen to your issues.

Our solicitors are known for their arbitration skills. We want the best for our clients and want to make the process straightforward and easy for them. While the medical compensation cannot make up for the harm caused, but we hope we can help relieve your financial burden for the injury.

With our no win no fee* funding option available for medical negligence claims, it is easy for you to make a claim and not worry about expenses regarding the claim.

For more information or advice on making a claim, please go to claim online page or contact us page.

*No Win No Fee: Other costs could be payable

Clinical Negligence Claims

To start your negligence claim today or to find out more about claiming ... Give us a call for free on 0203 781 7781 and speak with one of our advisers.

Dental Negligence

Our solicitors have gained recognition in the field because of their years of experience. We are here to help you with your dental compensation throughout the entire process.